You must not bow down to their godsa nor serve them, nor follow their practices, but you must utterly overthrow them and demolish their sacred standing-stones. Bible see other translations
Or, “worship their gods”

“bow down.” The common biblical way of bowing down before people or God was to fall to one’s knees and bow the upper body to the earth. It is the same Hebrew word as “worship.”

[For more on bowing down, see commentary on 1 Chronicles 29:20.]

“demolish.” God has no tolerance for idols. They are harmful in many different ways. They are to be destroyed. See commentary on Deuteronomy 7:5.

sacred standing-stones.” It was a common practice, especially among the Canaanite cultures, to take stones, natural or with some shaping, and set them upright as a part of the recognition and worship of a god, or to set them up as a cultic memorial of some event. God commanded Israel to destroy those stones, but given all the ones that have been uncovered by archeologists, apparently often that did not happen.

[For more on standing-stones, see commentary on Genesis 28:18. For more on idols being harmful, see commentary on Deuteronomy 7:5.]

Commentary for: Exodus 23:24