“If fire breaks out and catches in thorns so that the shocks of grain or the standing grain or the field are consumed, the one who started the fire is to make restitution, yes, restitution. Bible see other translations

“the one who started the fire.” Accidents happen, but they will happen a lot less if the person who “accidentally” did not prepare for, pay attention to, or control what he was doing was held responsible for the accident. Obviously, there are times when accidents cannot be helped and no one is genuinely responsible, but in this case, the person purposely lit a fire, and if it is not properly prepared for and watched over, a fire can get out of control. The point is that there are kinds of accidents where it is reasonable to hold a person responsible for the accident. If societies were more diligent about doing this, there would be fewer “accidents.”

Commentary for: Exodus 22:6