Moses went up to God. And Yahweh called to him out of the mountain, saying, “This is what you must tell the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel: Bible other translations

“Moses went up to God.” After the Exodus, Moses went up and down Mt. Sinai 7 times, and they all are recorded in the Book of Exodus.

On Moses’ 2nd trip up Mt. Sinai, God told Moses to put boundaries around the Mountain so no one would touch the mountain. Then on his 3rd trip up the Mountain, God again told Moses to warn the people about not touching the Mountain. Thus, Exodus 19:25 says that Moses went down Mt. Sinai to the people (3rd trip down), and that is where he was, at the bottom of Mt. Sinai with the people, when God spoke the Ten Commandments audibly, in a loud voice so everyone could hear (cp. Exod. 19:19; 20:1-2). It was later, on his 5th trip up the Mountain, that he got the first set of the Ten Commandments on stone.

When the people heard the voice of God shouting out the Ten Commandments, they were terrified and asked that they not hear the voice of God any more (cp. Exod. 20:19). God honored that request and after that time spoke to Moses, who then communicated the Torah to Israel. [For more on God speaking directly to Israel with a loud voice from the top of Mount Sinai, see commentary on Exodus 19:9].

Commentary for: Exodus 19:3