That which is, already his name was called, and it was known that he is man,a and he cannot contend with one who is mightier than he. Bible see other translations
Lit. “Adam”

“That which is, already his name was called.” This seems to be about God calling Adam, “Adam,” and working with him. Almost all commentators make this section of Ecclesiastes about predestination, but it does not have to be that at all. It can simply be pointing out that the way life is, is the way life is, and arguing with God about it is pointless. As Ecclesiastes 11:3 says, where the tree falls is where it is, and what God has done or planned is done. We can argue, but to what end?

“one who is mightier than he.” This refers to God, and Adam found out through experience that God was more powerful than he. It is pointless to argue with God.

Commentary for: Ecclesiastes 6:10