People make food for laughter,
and wine gladdens one’s life,
and money answers everything. Bible see other translations

“People make food for laughter.” Many verses in Ecclesiastes encourage people to rejoice and have fun in life (cp. Eccles. 2:24-25; 3:4, 12-13, 22; 5:18-19; 8:15; 9:7-9; 10:19; 11:7-8. See commentary on Ecclesiastes 2:24). People prepare meals, invite friends over, and have a good time. This has been the case for ages past. Meals should not be just a time to sustain the body, but a time for fellowship and fun with others.

“wine gladdens one’s life.” God made life to enjoy. It is not God’s will for people to be ascetics, drinking water at every meal.

Commentary for: Ecclesiastes 10:19