The sun also rises and the sun sets,
and panting, returns to its place where it rises. Bible see other translations

“and panting.” The Hebrew word shaaph (#07602 שָׁאַף) has several meanings, including “to pant, gasp, breathe heavily” from effort and exertion; “to long for, desire, ‘pant for’ in the sense of longing;” and “to hurry, hasten.” Here the sun is personified and is portrayed as “panting” with effort as it hurries to get back to where it rises so it can start its day all over again. The idea in the verse is that the sun gets no rest, and has to do the same thing over and over again with no end in sight. Versions that include the word “pant” include HCSB; Rotherham; YLT; and CEB. The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary says, “Qohelet, too, portrays the sun as one struggling to reach its destination, only to have to recommence.”

Commentary for: Ecclesiastes 1:5