The words of the Sage, the son of David, king in Jerusalem: Bible see other translations

“the Sage, son of David, king in Jerusalem.” This title, which is derived from the Hebrew word qahal (“to assemble”), has led to a variety of suggestions as to what the word might mean, with many of the suggestions having reasonable overlap. Coming from the verb “to assemble,” this title certainly means a gatherer or collector (of wisdom, wealth, or people). If this person has gathered people into an assembly, then he might function as a teacher or preacher. But the words “teacher” or “preacher” do not carry in their English translations the sense of a gatherer and collector if what is being collected is words of wisdom, which seems to be more the case in Ecclesiastes. It appears that every modern commentary has resolved to leave the title Qoheleth untranslated in their translation (cp. Hermeneia, AB, WBC, OTL, CC, JPSBC). In sum, this person is an authoritative gatherer and collector of wisdom, and seeks to teach others about this amassed knowledge.

Commentary for: Ecclesiastes 1:1