and in all the mighty hand and in all the great terrifying deeds that Moses did in the sight of all Israel. Bible other translations

“great terrifying deeds that Moses did.” The Hebrew text is more literally, “the great terror that Moses did,” but in this context, “terror” is put by the figure of speech metonymy for the deeds that cause terror, or “terrifying deeds.” The Hebrews and others were afraid of many of powerful works that Moses did. Also, the word for “terror” can also refer to “awe-inspiring,” and some translations go that way, for example, the NIV2011 has “awesome deeds,” and the GWN has “awe-inspiring deeds.” However, often the Israelites were more afraid of the powerful acts of God than inspired by them, so “terrifying deeds” seems the better choice here.

“in the sight of all Israel.” The Hebrew is more literally, “before the eyes of all Israel.”

Commentary for: Deuteronomy 34:12