But if the man does not want to take his brother’s wife, then his brother’s wife is to go up to the gate of the city, to the elders, and say, ‘My husband’s brother refuses to carry on his brother’s name in Israel. He will not perform the duty of a husband’s brother to me.’ Bible see other translations

“gate of the city to the elders.” In the biblical culture of the Old Testament it was the custom that the elders of a city would sit at the city gate (Gen. 19:1, 9; Deut. 21:19; 22:15; 25:7; Josh. 20:4; Ruth 4:11; 1 Sam. 4:18; Esther 2:19, 21; 3:2; Lam. 5:14; Dan. 2:49).

[For more on the elders at the gate, see commentary on Ruth 4:11; and for Wisdom being at the city gate, see commentary on Prov. 1:21.]

Commentary for: Deuteronomy 25:7