“When you lend your neighbor any kind of loan, you are not to go into his house to get the thing that he has pledged. Bible see other translations

“to get the thing that he has pledged.” That is, to get whatever it was the person pledged to give as security for the loan. The fact that the wealthy person was going to lend something to the poor person did not give the wealthy person the right to bully the poor man and act like he had a right to his life and property. The poor man may have been poor, but his home was still his home and not property that the wealthy man had a right to invade, and just go right in and take what the poor man said he would give as security for the loan. God respects and protects the rights and property of the needy, as we see from this law in Deuteronomy 24:10. The person may be needy, but they are still God’s creation and His people and He loves them and honors them for who they are, and everyone else should too.

Commentary for: Deuteronomy 24:10