You are to eat it inside your gates; the unclean person and the clean person both may eat it, as if it were a gazelle or a deer. Bible other translations

“the unclean and the clean alike may eat it.” That is, people who are ceremonially clean and people who are not clean may eat of the firstborn animals that are sacrificed to Yahweh.

“as if it were a gazelle or a deer.” When someone hunted a gazelle or deer and the whole family or clan ate it, both the people who were ceremonially clean and the people who were “unclean” could eat it. Things that made people Levitically unclean in the eyes of God were having an issue of blood, having touched a dead body, and having had sex that day. So here in Deuteronomy 15:22, God says that the firstborn male of the herd of flock that is sacrificed to Him may be eaten by anyone, clean or unclean.

Commentary for: Deuteronomy 15:22