Are they not beyond the Jordan, beyond the road of the going down of the sun, in the land of the Canaanites who dwell in the Arabah over against Gilgal, beside the oaks of Moreh? Bible other translations

“beyond the Jordan.” The Israelites were east of the Jordan, so “beyond the Jordan” in this context meant west of the Jordan.

“over against Gilgal.” The name was modified to read “Gilgal” by a later editor, because the site was not called “Gilgal” until the time of Joshua (cp. Josh. 5:9).

“the road of the going down of the sun.” We would more normally say, “beyond the western road,” but exactly which road Moses had in mind is not stated and is debated. Some say it is the road just west of the Jordan that ran north-south through the Jordan valley, while others suggest that it was the well-known road that ran north and south from Syria to Egypt.

Commentary for: Deuteronomy 11:30