Yes, it magnified itself, even to be equal with the Commander of the army, and from him the continual burnt offering was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was brought low. Bible see other translations

“Commander of the army.” In this context, this refers to God, which is why the text refers to “his” burnt offering and sanctuary. Antiochus had no regard for God at all. He showed his disdain for God and the Jews in many ways, including trying to force the Jews to abandon the Law, demanding that the Jews worship him and the Greek gods rather than Yahweh, desecrating Yahweh’s Temple, and also persecuting the Jews and coldly murdering thousands of them.

“brought low.” Antiochus did not destroy the Temple, but he desecrated it. All the practices that elevated the Temple such as the daily sacrifices and priestly services were stopped, and horrific insults to God were made, such as offering a pig on the altar, setting up an altar to Jupiter in the Temple, and destroying every scroll of God’s Word that could be found, and killing anyone found hiding one.

Commentary for: Daniel 8:11