For the king of the north will return, and will raise a multitude greater than the first; and after some years he will come on with a great army and with many supplies. Bible see other translations

“For the king of the north will return.” With these words, Daniel 11:13 marks a shift in the back-and-forth conflicts in the Ptolemaic and Seleucid dynasties. During the time covered by Daniel 11:13-35, it is the Seleucid dynasty that has greater power.

“after some years.” The Hebrew is idiomatic, and literally reads: “at the end of years.”

“he will come on with a great army.” In 202 or 201 BC, Antiochus III the Great mounted another attack on the holdings of the Ptolemies, taking full advantage of the death of Ptolemy IV Philopator and the fact that Ptolemy V Epiphanes was only a child. Antiochus attacked and conquered Phoenicia and Palestine, and captured the fortress of Gaza by 201 BC.

Commentary for: Daniel 11:13