His power will be great,
but not by his own power;
and he will destroy to an extraordinary degree,
and will prosper and do his pleasure,
and he will destroy those who are mighty
and the holy people. Bible other translations

“but not by his own power.” The Devil gives the Antichrist his power. This fact is alluded to in prophecy here in Daniel 8:24, but it is not as clearly stated here as it is in 2 Thessalonians 2:9. Then in Revelation 13:2 it is stated again.

“he will destroy.” In Daniel 7:25, the believers are given into the power of the Antichrist, and here in Daniel 8:24, Antiochus and, by foreshadowing, the Antichrist, will destroy God’s holy people.

“the holy people.” The literal Hebrew is “the people of the holy ones.” There are two suggestions as to how to understand and translate this. The genitive can be a kind of genitive of possession and mean “the people belonging to the holy ones,” where “belonging to” means something more like “protected by.” In that case, the “holy ones” would be angels as they are in Daniel 8:13. However, the idea that the holy people are protected by God’s holy angels is not a common theme, and therefore the more likely possibility is that the genitive is a genitive of apposition, and the text means, “the people, that is, the holy ones,” or we would often just say, “the holy people” as we have done in the REV. [For the designation “holy ones” referring to God’s people, see commentary on Daniel 7:18].

Commentary for: Daniel 8:24