“The Virgin, Israel, is fallen,
no more to rise;
she lies abandoned on her land,
there is no one to raise her up.” Bible

“The Virgin, Israel.” The Hebrew can be read as a genitive, “The virgin of Israel,” but in this idiom the virgin is Israel. Amos is portraying Israel as a young woman who, because of her sins and disobedeince is cut off from life, no more to rise. This is such a sad situation but common: people abandon God and suffer in this life and the next, and God’s heart is broken about it, and expresses his heart through the prophet Amos, who no doubt felt the same way God did. Thus the lamentation (cp. Amos 5:1). Although Amos speaks of Israel as already being cut off, it is a future event spoken of as if it were already accomplished.

Commentary for: Amos 5:2