He said:
“Yahweh will roar from Zion
and utter his voice from Jerusalem,
and the pastures of the shepherds will mourn,
and the top of Mount Carmel will wither.” Bible see other translations

“Yahweh will roar from Zion and utter his voice from Jerusalem.” This shows that God is still the God of both Israel and Judah, even though Israel had rejected him. After the death of Solomon, the ten northern tribes of Israel separated themselves from the southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin and set up the “kingdom of Israel.” They abandoned Yahweh and set up golden calf gods in Bethel and Dan, and made priests from people who were not Levites (1 Kings 12:28-33). But in spite of human efforts to control their own life and destiny, Yahweh is still God and His Word is everlasting, and He spoke to the people from the city where His Temple was—from Jerusalem.

Commentary for: Amos 1:2