and they served the disgusting idols, about which Yahweh had said to them, “You must not do this thing.” Bible other translations

disgusting idols.” The word translated “idols” is gilluwl (#01544 גִּלּוּל or (sometimes shortenedגִּלֻּל gillul)). It is not the normal word for “idols,” but has a distinct negative aspect to it, and in fact may be related to the word “dung.” Walter Maier writes that “the exact sense of this noun, for which the conventional translation is ‘idols,’ is uncertain. Some scholars think it comes from the verb…‘to roll,’ explaining that these idols have no life of their own but have to be rolled about from place to place. Other scholars suggest that it comes from a word meaning ‘dung’…Omanson and Ellington conclude that, ‘in any case, this Hebrew word has a strong negative aspect’ which is not fully captured by the English word ‘idols’” (Walter Maier III, Concordia Commentary: 1 Kings 12-22, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, 2019).

Commentary for: 2 Kings 17:12