He will guard the feet of his faithful ones
but the wicked will become silent in darkness,
for no man will prevail by strength. Bible

“the wicked will become silent in darkness.” The wicked will “become silent” (die) in darkness, the darkness of death and the tomb. This verse adds to the evidence that when a person dies they are dead in every way and not alive in any form. The wicked dead are not “suffering in Hell,” they are dead and silent. Eventually they will be raised from the dead for the Day of Judgment and will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will burn up and be annihilated—silent and gone forever. [For more on the dead being dead, see Appendix 4, “The Dead are Dead.” For more on annihilation in the Lake of Fire, see Appendix 5, “Annihilation in the Lake of Fire”].

“for no man will prevail by strength.” This likely refers to prevailing over death, but it can include the idea of prevailing in this life by human strength.

Commentary for: 1 Samuel 2:9