And Hannah prayed and said:
“My heart delights in Yahweh!
My horn is lifted high in Yahweh!
My mouth speaks boldly against my enemies
because I rejoice in your salvation. Bible

“My horn is lifted high in Yahweh.” Hannah is using an animal metaphor (hypocatastasis; see commentary on Rev. 20:2), when an ox or other horned animal was feeling strong, free, and full of life their horn was lifted up.

“My mouth speaks boldly against.” The Hebrew is more literally, “my mouth is enlarged over my enemies.” Hannah had been derided for years because she was barren, now she can speak boldly against her enemies and rejoice in Yahweh’s deliverance.

“salvation.” This is not everlasting life salvation, but temporal salvation on earth; deliverance from her enemies.

Commentary for: 1 Samuel 2:1