So Jonathan climbed up on his hands and on his feet with his armor-bearer behind him. And they fell before Jonathan, and his armor-bearer killed after him. Bible other translations

“And they fell before Jonathan.” Jonathan would likely have killed many and mortally wounded others whom the armor-bearer would then finish off, although the armor-bearer no doubt killed his share of the enemy. The Philistines, overconfident and unprepared for this bold and aggressive attack, were caught off guard, but were still trained soldiers and so killing them required skill and determination. This is an important lesson for believers: even if we are doing the will of God, we must be prepared to be bold and aggressive about it. Occasionally some Christian teacher will say that all we need to do to have God’s victory is trust (“have faith”) and pray. But the many examples throughout the Bible like this one, which shows believers accomplishing the will of God by bold and aggressive (and sometimes risky) action, is the true picture of what it takes to see God’s will done on this fallen earth.

Commentary for: 1 Samuel 14:13