Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in a single year was 666 talents of gold, Bible see other translations

“666.” This is a clear indicator that Solomon’s heart had changed. The 666 figure shows us that Solomon had turned away from God and had gone over to “the dark side.” The number 666 is not a factual number; it is not the number of talents of gold that came to him, because 1 Kings 10:15 says that in addition to the 666 talents of gold that came to him, he also got gold from the taxes on the traders and the traveling merchants, the taxes imposed on all the Arabian kings and the governors of the country. With all that extra revenue, Solomon would surely have gotten much more than one extra talent of gold, making it 667, or 668, or even 673 talents of gold. So for God to say Solomon got 666 talents in addition to such and such amount more, tells us God really wants us to see the number 666 in relation to Solomon here. As we read on in the chapter, God tells us openly that Solomon did evil in the sight of Yahweh (1 Kings 11:6).

Commentary for: 1 Kings 10:14