Now the first inhabitants who settled again in their possessions in their cities were Israelites, the priests, the Levites and the Temple servants. Bible see other translations

“Now the first inhabitants who settled again in their possessions.” This is extra information that Ezra does not add about the return from Babylon. Although some commentators think that this refers to the first settlements in the Promised Land at the time of Joshua, the wording of 1 Chronicles refers to times after the Promised Land was settled by the Israelites.

“Israelites.” The people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel had not totally gone away with the Assyrian conquest. Israelites had been migrating into Judah for a long time before that, and the attacking Assyrians may have driven even more Israelites into Judah.

“the Temple servants.” These people, the “Nethinim” in Hebrew, were slaves that were serving the Levites in the work of the Temple. See commentary on Ezra 2:43.

Commentary for: 1 Chronicles 9:2