and by the borders of the children of Manasseh, Beth-shean and its daughter-towns, Taanach and its daughter-towns, Megiddo and its daughter-towns, Dor and its daughter-towns. In these lived the children of Joseph the son of Israel. Bible see other translations

“Beth-shean...Taanach...Migiddo...Dor.” These are technically all towns in the tribal area of Manasseh. So “by the borders” includes encroaching on the territory of Manasseh.

“daughter-towns.” The Hebrew text is just “daughters,” referring to small close-by towns that are supported by a “mother” town, a large and normally well-fortified town (see commentary on Josh. 15:45).

“the son of Israel.” Jacob is being called “Israel” in this verse, the name he was given by the angel (Gen. 32:28).

Commentary for: 1 Chronicles 7:29